Liverpools legend

He is NOT the best through Liverpool’s proud history. But he is one of the few football players in the world who could play in any position on the court, and made it just fine. And that makes him unique. Steven Gerrard (34) would still – forever – stand again as the best football player who never won the championship.

I first met him at Melwood Liverpool practice, at the end of the 1990s when I visited Vegard Heggem. Steven Gerrard had more copiously hair than me and was a modest guy who talked to ever vote out. He had just made his debut for Liverpool A-team at 18 years old.

I remember the handshake was a little slack. And he looked down.

- Watch out for him. Steven Gerrard, he is good, I remember it five years older Heggem said to me at the time. Heggem was little lyric in the description of Liverpool’s young player, he had been there with the one year older Michael Owen. And Heggem must have flair. Both got brilliant careers, both Liverpool and England.

- I see them on the training ground every day. Wonderful players, said Heggem.

Ironically crossed Heggem Gerrards roads in several ways. When career Heggem took off, he was injured. Scouseren Gerrard came in Rennebus Heggem 89 minutes, at Anfield against Blackburn on 29 November 1998. As a right back. Then it was already Kvarme exchanged and Stig Inge Bjrnebye played the entire match for Liverpool. Spisspar was Owen and Fowler.

In his next fight he debuted start. When he played against Steffen Iversen in Tottenham at White Hart Lane. The first time he was at all often surrounded by Norwegians. It says something about the time – and what is sjedd ago.

Later he played in – and solved – most positions, both for club and country. And he has always solved the tasks in a sensible way. Passing foot has always been among the best, whether they go short or long. Shots foot has always been good. Gaze, technique. Steven Gerrard had mostly. He was quick also, of course speed is not the same anymore. And this season has shown that Gerrard is perhaps a little on the way down, if I should be careful.

The few times I’ve met him since, especially in connection with championships, has Steven Gerrard always seemed like a sensible and pleasant man who just loved his football. Sometimes I wonder if he regrets that he forced a move to Chelsea for almost 10 years ago. For although he has scored in the World Cup and European Championships, in the finals of the Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup and the League Cup, the league championship is missing. Everything else has. Chances was highest last season. And the quote “do not look this slip” will forever hang by Steven Gerrard.

Players in English football that was never the league champion, is Steven Gerrard has the highest trophies of all. There is hardly any consolation.

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